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Welcome to Black Ops 4 Hacks Community where you can find the best Private BO4 Hack in the market. We are the only legit providers that can provide you with a real working bo4 cheat. We have also done a huge investment in advertising and pay our developers in order to create the most sophisticated bo4 hack and deliver you the best user experience. We are an old PUBG Community which has delivered pubg hacks for more than a year already to the people. We decided to focus our energy on the new Call of Duty Black Ops 4 game because it represents a replacement for PUBG and lot of people from our community are hyped for our new BO 4 project. We call our cheat PAX which is the meaning of peace. We can guarantee that you will not get banned so easily from PAX because we have limited slots and only the oldest customers in our community or new customers which pays the entrance fee will have access to our fresh made Black Ops 4 Hack, and that's because we want to keep it safe from the Blizzard Hands. Before we continue our story, let me tell you how you can purchase our cod bo4 hacks in a few steps. It will be very easy so please read carefully as we are using Discord mainly for communication and other kinds of payments.



Black Ops 4 Dragon Cheat LIVE STREAMING below:


call of duty black ops 4 hack



How to buy your BO4 Private Hack PAX & Public BO4 Cheat Dragon?

1. We have created a new Forum Community for the newcomers & veterans on our website. Join https and create and create a new account in our new forum so you can have access to the news, announcements, updates, store and many more.

2. In order to buy our private Call of Duty Black Ops 4 hack ,make sure you visit our store (after you have created the forum account).

3. Our default and automatic payments are Bitcoin or Ethereum in the website store (After you make the payment with your phone or android, assuming you know how to use the QR Code, you will receive the key code for the PAX loader at  "Store --> Manage Purchases --> Manage"). Don't forget, that by paying with BTC via the website, might require to wait until confirmation is done. If you have any issue or want to do manual payment, PM Zeus in discord/skype. Yes, we do accept Paypal but only with some specific conditions.

4. Go to Browse / Downloads and download PAX Loader after the purchase is completed and you have received the key code. We do have automatic update build on the loader so everytime the loader will update automatically whenever we patch the cheat.


Is this Black Ops 4 Hack easy to use? How does it work?

In order to run our Black Ops 4 Hack PAX Loader, you will have to go to the Steam Library, Hover your mouse over Add a game / Add a Non-Steam game... and select Battle.net (which is located at the default or your custom Blizzard Battle.net directory such as C:\Games\Battle.net for example). Make sure you run Steam as administrator (Right Click on PAX.exe -> Run as administrator, do the same thing when running your Steam and make sure you log out from your blizzard account and close the application from your windows tray). After, proceed by doing the things mentioned above in order and launch the Black Ops 4 Game. Wait until the game loads completely and you are connected in the game lobby. Now minimize your game tray and go to the cheat folder and run PAX as we have mentioned before, insert the key code you have purchased from us and wait until PAX finalize its updates and reach 100%, as it will close automatically. So I guess now you are ready to go, simply go back to your game lobby and press the "Delete" hotkey and menu will come immediately, just like the screenshot below.




The content below is outdated. The first monthly fee is not necessary anymore

PS: The first-month entrance fee is no longer necessary. We have already got the necessary support to finish the development of the cheat. The Black Ops 4 Hack PAX is now accessible at 150$ week/350$ month. If you are interested in Dragon, check it out. It's only 100$ first month and 65$ month if you are returning customer.

The entrance fee is not required anymore for this private BO4 hack? Thanks

Every time a new customer pay us this first-month extra fee, not only he will get access to purchase our private bo4 hack but he will also get price discounts on the next purchases or next of our future projects. You will get this loyalty treatment and huge discount on all of our games. Long story short, you will not have to pay this fee anymore in case we will release another private cheat sometime soon but this is not the only reason you must pay this fee. All the money from the first month fee will cover our costs for development and sustaining a long-term safe and undetected cheat including longtime support and updates which are Guarantee. We are currently focusing on another new BO4 Cheats for the public and people that have a tight budget and don't want to spend so much money. No Cover Fee will be required on the public cod bo4 cheat so this is not the end of the world if you are unhappy with this fee. The prices will be very reasonable for our next project and if this is not the kind of cheat you are looking for, then stay tuned in our community and wait for news to come. The public project is currently in developing and the prices will be around  100$ a month and no extra fee is required. PAX prices are 150$ weekly and 350$ Monthly, once you cover the entrance fee this will be the prices on your next month. We do accept Paypal, Skrill and even VISA/MASTERCARD via a third-party marketplace, however, you must contact ZeuS in discord.


Call of Duty-Black Ops 4 How to stay safe

Well? What are you waiting for! Grab our private cheat while it's hot. This is the only private cheat available in the market and there is no one that can rival us right now. Do not trust the cheap black ops 4 cheats which are cheaper than the account as you will get banned within 1-3 days even with the current bo4 anti-cheat. And boy, trust me when I say it, these people do not play around and In a few months, before you know it, Blizzard will improve their anti-cheat several times. Cheating in this game will be much harder, bans will rain like the number of drops and the money you spent on bo4 accounts will be gone, but not with PAX. It stands against the current Blizzard anti-cheat for 2 weeks with no problem. They are not wary of our existence yet and because the project is expensive and private, no competitor will try to, leak us and get caught in a ban wave. The choice is yours, embrace this cheat and keep your accounts alive for months or buy a cheap public cheat and buy 10 or more accounts every month. The safest way to use our private bo4 cheat and never get banned is to avoid using the aimbot feature or look at the people thro walls so obviously since they can check manually if the people are reported. Is pretty obvious that you are wall hacking if you just aim at them thro the wall. If you decide to use aimbot and enable more of the aimbot features of PAX, make sure you do keep the kills in check and play as humanly as possible. Do not aimlock on a target more than 5 seconds, Do not aimlock at the people through the wall as it can give you a manual ban by the Blizzard team, as they check manually people that are reported or do inhuman actions. 


When the Public Cod Bo4 Hack will be released? and is going to be cheaper?

Right now we are currently trying to finish the new bypass and the d3d menu interface before we release the cheat to the public. Because the public bo4 cheat is highly likely to get targeted/detected in time because of its price, we are trying to figure out a way to automatize the injection for each user and create a new bypass for every 100 customers that will use our future cheat Dragon. You can expect reasonable prices, such as 100$ month, unlike our bo4 hacks. We work very hard to provide our customers with the best experience. Keep checking our website for news and be ready to hack the game with Dragon as we have big expectations that the public experiment will be a success. Dragon will be composed of Aimbot and ESP, simple and easy to use but of course, it won't be as complex as PAX so for the price of just 100$ month we are still going to give you a neat experience. More information about Dragon will be provided whenever is ready for beta tests, we will giveaway 1-hour test codes for free to the public so you can try the cheat before buying. We are sad that we cannot do the same for PAX, However, we will compile a large list of stream videos that will show exactly how the private cheat works and how efficient the aimbot and triggerbot features are. 



Black Ops 4 Hack PAX Features

PAX has 4 main options, each categorizing the features of the cheat in order such as Main, 3D Radar, 2D Radar and Aimbot settings. As you can see in the pictures below, Main has No-recoil feature implemented which holds the weapon still when you are shooting and the bullets won't spread around. Also, you can select any RGB Color at choice for your custom crosshair by enabling Draw Crosshair and you can also select the size at your choice. If you wish to save your current savings, you can do so by clicking Save so you can load these settings the next time you open the game. 3D Radar has so many customizable Bo4 Hack ESP features that you will love it! Just take a look and you will find your self-immersed with the number of options you can set and toy with. You can enable or disable Name ESP which tells you the enemy nickname, The -2D Box feature will highlight your enemy with a box style esp without showing his skeleton and you can select the box type you prefer. By enabling Dropped Items and Explosives it's easy to see the items you need from distance, this way you can avoid wasting time to stirs the houses in order to find exactly what you need. Enable Zombies feature in order to be wary and run away without getting killed in the 100 players solo campaign. They are really hard to kill and you don't have that much ammunition at your disposal unless you really enjoy looting with the item esp. Most important above all, you can choose any RGB Color you desire for each type of ESP Such as Friendly color which represents your teammates, Enemy Color, Aim Target, Dropped Weapon Color, Explosives Color and last which is Enemy Visible color which is the same as Visibility Check and you will know if the target is visible in your sight and you are able to shoot or kill him. Did you know? When The zombies start to show up, the aimbot will do its job, and they will be automatically targeted and shoot at.

black ops 4 hack menu.jpg



Black Ops 4 Dragon Public Features

This is a simple project which does not have the advanced attributes of PAX. You can still have a desirable experience by being able to see where the enemies are, what items you are looking for and want to know exactly where the items are located at. Nonetheless, it also has 2D Radar implemented just like our bo4 hack PAX. The only missing features are the complex aimbot and the no-recoil of PAX but that's fine as you can still enjoy the game with this budget cheat.

Dragon has Full Player ESP where you get full information such as Name, Distance, Health, 2D Box of your enemies. It also has Visibility Check, to prevent shooting enemies behind a wall! The color of the enemy will be changed when he is visible to you and aimbot will also refuse to aimlock on an enemy unless he is visible. The esp font size can be customized from 1 to 3 options and you can see the enemies smaller or bigger at your choice.100% Safe to use so far and no bans received. Indeed because of the cheap price, it will become a target for Blizzard Team, they will try to detect our cheat but until then...

Dragon has 99% Uptime, the cheat will rarely go down for maintenance unless there is a BO4 Update.

Very Easy Injection. Run Dragon.exe as Administrator, wait until the program closes automatically and then start your Blizzard launcher and launch the game. Wait 20 seconds in-game lobby and you will see "The hack has been injected" message on your screen. Press Insert to open the in-game menu after.

There is no auto-update for Dragon, but we will upload new loader on our website for the customers. All VIP customers will be able to download the latest Dragon Loader from here https://bo4hacks.com/community/files/ 





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